Our Services




Fulcrum Consultants’ Services Include:


  • Fire and Explosion Hazard Management Planning (FEHMP)
  • Operational Expertise – putting plans, standards and training into practical use
  • Competency Based Training Programmes
  • Professional Advisory Services
  • JOIFF Secretariat


Competency Based Training Programmes

Fulcrum Consultants provide a service of assessment and verification to ensure that persons working in the emergency response sectors can perform their job role competently and to required standards.

Fulcrum Consultants has developed, markets and administers computer based programmes in the JOIFF accredited “career path” for emergency responders. The programmes were developed after many years’ experience of training emergency responders.

The programmes are computer based and learnt and demonstrated by the student in their workplace. As the programme progresses, it provides a traceable system of assessment and verification of each student’s competence.

Instruction, learning and assessment takes place within a time frame established by student/site management in the work place. Assessors are usually the site’s in-house trainers/fire team leaders/fire officers instructors/assessors who have the relevant background and competence. The work is externally verified remotely by the administrators of the programme, Fulcrum Consultants.

The programmes are drawn from National and International Standards and a large number of the elements may be covered in normal station training and activities providing it is assessed.

The Diploma programme

This is JOIFF accredited and covers key skills for emergency response. The programme consists of 24 Units and more than 700 competencies. The outcome is the student is awarded the Diploma and can use the post nominal Dip.JOIFF

The Technician Programme

This is JOIFF accredited and provides the platform for emergency responders to enhance their knowledge and skills having already demonstrated their competence in Key Response Skills. The outcome is the student is awarded the Technician and can use the post nominal Tech.JOIFF

Leadership Programmes

The Leadership programmes, comprising Leadership 1, Team Leader and Leadership 2, Officer, are JOIFF accredited and have been developed to as a path to the skills and knowledge of team leader and officer to personnel who are technically competent to a recognised standard and have core educational skills to a level compatible to the position.

Professional Advisory Services

Management of Fulcrum Consultants have been engaged in the Emergency Response Industry for more than 50 years in many different capacities and have a wide range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Emergency Response.Fulcrum Consultants provide a professional advisory service to High Hazard Industry in areas including:

  • Fire and Explosion Hazard Management Planning
  • Gap analysis;
  • Training needs analysis;
  • Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Site audits on Emergency Response

JOIFF Secretariat

Fulcrum Consultants are Secretariat to JOIFF, the International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Response and Fire Hazard Management since January 2001 and since that time have worked with the JOIFF Board of Directors and membership to build JOIFF into the major International Organisation that it is today. Two of the Directors of Fulcrum Consultants are also Directors of JOIFF.In 2000, as leaders in the planning of the very first JOIFF accredited training courses, Fulcrum Consultants were appointed to operate and administer on behalf of JOIFF the system of JOIFF accreditation of training.